Many buyers think that they can get a reduced price on a new construction home if they don't have a realtor. That is rarely the case. New home builders prefer that buyers are represented by a realtor for many reasons. Certainly it is a benefit to the buyer to have a realtor representing their interests throughout the transaction. Below are 10 reasons buyers should a realtor when purchase a new construction home.

1. The first thing to keep in mind when purchasing a new construction home is that the builder and their sales representatives do not represent the buyer. They represent the builder. It is in the buyers best interest to have a realtor representing them and negotiating on their behalf.  

2. We receive updated inventory lists and current promotions from new home builders that we can use to help buyers. These lists often include homes that are ready to occupy within 30 days.

3. We may be able to provide buyers with a monetary closing credit depending on your situation.

4. The builder may offer financing incentives in you use their mortgage company for the purchase. We can help you determine if these incentives are a good value or if a different mortgage company can offer you a better deal.

5. We can provide assistance when determining options and upgrades for the property that may impact the resale value of the property.

6. The builder is required to provide you with soils reports and radon reports for your property. Most buyers don't have experience with analyzing this information and we can help you understand it.

7. Many people believe that a newly constructed home does not need to be inspected by a private home inspector. We can discuss with you whether or not a home inspection is necessary. It has been our experience that private home inspectors have found defects in new homes and we have worked with the builder to correct them.

8. The home builder uses their own contract which is different than a standard purchase contract. It is confusing and has many pages. This contract will legally bind you to financial deadlines and obligations. You will have to put down a significant amount of money if you agree to the terms of the contract in order for the builder to build your house. If you do not understand the terms of the contract and do not meet certain deadlines then you risk losing your deposit. We can help you understand the terms of the contract and make sure that you do not miss any deadlines or put yourself in a position to risk losing your deposit.

9. If you have a home to sell in order to purchase a new construction home, we will negotiate a discount on your listing fee if we represent you on your purchase.

10. Home owners associations are usually part of new home communities. We can help you understand the limitations and rules of the HOA and confirm that there are not any restrictions that may conflict with your intentions for your property.
John Pezzuti
John Pezzuti